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Date:May 10th, 2010 03:32 am (UTC)
OK, I swear that we are both the same person. This is the exact situation that I'm currently in with the same exact interests/mannerisms. I just tried out a few message board based RPGs, and these days they're just about the most complicated things in the world without any real substance to them (yeah sure, you can have cellphone templates and Twitter accounts for your characters and you can have the prettiest looking forum ever...but it doesn't matter if no one ever posts >_<).

For what it's worth, I hate fluff and interactions that are purely based on sex (I MUST HAVE PLOT WITH MY PORNO); storyline and character development are an absolute must (hell, even if it IS going to be sexually based, having a long, tension filled and drawn out lead up to it is WAY more satisfying than just straight up getting it on and boinking).

So uh, yeah. If you're interested, I think that we should definitely plot something out. I'm good for pretty much any sort of setting : )
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