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Name: Panur
Aliases: Panur/Yuta

Style: One on one, of course, and I can either plan the whole plotline, throw a general idea and see where it takes us or just go wild.
Format: my rp address, yotafura@yahoo.com.ar. I have YIM, MSN and Skype, no more and no less. The only one that I’m always getting into is the YIM one, so if you want to meet on any of the others’, you’ll have to let me know through mail.
Fan Settings: (as of right now Naruto, willing to do crossovers, though.
settings. Canon up to shippouden and Au galore.
Rate your play: and everything? I do smut, but I like it to happen within a plot.
Would you play ...
- yaoi? yes
- yuri? yes
For the rest ask within plot.

Peeves: I will never play with someone who ... can’t take rp for the fun that it and will get mad irl for character acting in ways that don’t agree with their vision of how they should, especially if no hitn as to what they wanted was given. I’ve had enough of those.
Adores: I will worship someone who plays ... who plays at all, by this point! I’m open to experimentation, so I’d love open minded people willing to try new things. Or give old things new twists!
Warnings: No sasunaru. No. never.
Interested in: I'm looking for someone who wants to play ...
(regardless of who tops, in case that happens to be of importance)
Yondishipping (Namikaze Minato/Yondaime Kazekage –aka Gaara’s dad-)
Karushina (Karura (Gaara’s mom)/Kushina (Naruto’s mom))

I also like Naru/Ita, Naru/Shino and Naru/Kanku, but I’ve never actually played them so… I can’t tell you well would those work ^^;; I promise to try!

Age/Audition Requirements: Above 16 ish, if you please. I’m 23 myself, and any less than that makes me feel faintly squicked.
Further Info: my timezone is GMT - 3:00, but I’m on most of the day, as soon as I get home from work. I rp a lot and I love to rp. I know my pairings aren’t conventional (especially yondishipping, but man, do I like it!) but I hope that I’ll find someone to play them with! I don’t mind backpedaling if something doesn’t go as planned and I’m, always open to dialog. Also, if things just don’t work, don’t worry and tell me so, I’ll understand, I promise XD.

Roleplay sample:

Not that I usually make them this long, but this is what it’s like when I’m particularly inspired, so just the best part.

[…]The men looked like standard suna-nin, likely chuunin or Jounin. They weren’t wearing the heavy vests of the profession, so there was no way of telling, but he knew they were puppeteers- the dark clothing, caps and face paint were a dead giveaway, as well as the bulges of scrolls strapped to their bodies.

They carried the usual weapons of a ninja and some interesting looking scrolls he had distractedly stashed to analyze and see if he could use in the future. He might not know shit about how to handle chakra threads, but he did know the poison the things carried could be incredibly useful if he found a way to extract it without getting himself killed in the process.

It was the third body that called his attention, because it was the only one with a trail of blood going for maybe five or six steps. Either Orochimaru was getting sloppy or getting more sadistic with age. The man had to have survived for a little while, which was strange. The other two had been clean deaths.

He tried not to think much about it, about the casualties and innocents- thought maybe that wasn’t the way to describe any shinobi in this world was it? If he’d been any more cynical, he could have thought that for the mere action of accepting a headband, anyone could deserve such a thing. All the bloodshed, of the losses, all the pain, not just deserved, but maybe earned.

A fairness to all these seemingly senseless actions… It was a good thing he wasn’t a cynic.

He had been reflecting on the embittering thoughts while he carefully moved the body around, noting the body to be somewhat laxer than the other two had been and thinking- What a waste.

What a waste, to have died here, to have died this way, out of being in the wrong place, at the wrong time, in the path of the wrong person.

It was when he’d actually tried to search for the man’s belongings and he had accidentally touched the skin that he noticed it.

The skin was only lukewarm, not cold like other two. […]
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