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Just gonna make this quick n' dirty...

Name: Sentinel
Age: 23...hurrdurr I'm old
Contact Info:
AIM = TheSentinelWolf
MSN = SentinelWolf@hotmail.ca

What I RP: Warcraft, Supernatural, and OCs.
Pairings: Destiel. Or just Cas/Anyone, he's everyone's bitch.
Kinks: Master/Slave, Dub/non-con, dirty talk, sex toys, experimentation, humiliation, tentacles, magic hijinks, transformation, fantasy settings, pervs and sluts, incest and much more... idk, I'm a perv.
Style: Novel type style. No limits or requirements on posting/word count/whatever.

I'm online a lot, usually in the evenings. I'm shy and don't talk much, so if you wants to RP, then say so. xD Also, if I don't respond, then I am not at the computron! I am not ignoring you.
Current Mood: amusedamused
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