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It's an age of piracy like you've never seen before.

The floating continent of Reial has been divided by war and strife for hundreds of years. To the east, the refined, powerful nation of Ivona. To the west, the loose confederacy of Vohemar, formed by the struggle between Ivona and those who would not be ruled by someone from half a world away. And in between them, the Badlands mountains loom high, separating the two squabbling nations with its monster-infested peaks and deserts.

The Badlands have been the battleground for these two powers for centuries and Joseph Falls-a revolutionary to some, a rabble-rouser and troublemaker to others-has called for the Badlands to unite and toss off the yoke of both Vohemaro and Ivonian colonialism.

And underneath the surface there’s Denouement, an organization whose ends are mysterious, but whose presence has been felt across the continent. They are responsible for terrorizing the ground and air with bombs and kidnappings, the assassination for the old Ivonian president, and some suspect they might have ties to the revolutionary Falls.

Everyone is always recruiting, whether they be Vohemaro, Ivonian, Badlands or independent-or even Denouement-but do not think their motives only run skin deep. Through it all, the people of this world sail the skies, trying to survive the turbulent times. Pirates, soldiers, merchants, thieves, actors, mercenaries, mad scientists, all of them united, despite their disparate views and allegiances, in wanting something better for themselves.

Choose a ship, declare your loyalty, and fight alongside your crew to make your dreams a reality.

theskytides: A plot-heavy steampunk multifandom AU game focused around airships with many opportunities for characters to get involved. Applications are open, so join today!

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Aug. 12th, 2009 @ 01:49 am

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Ever wished you were a superhero?




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It would only take one more attack to push them over the edge.

Axis City is a bustling metropolis, populated by all kinds of people. Even those who can fly. Untested technology and scientific misadventure has gifted people with powers beyond their wildest imagination, and the city is in the grips of a crime wave unlike any other it has ever known. The police battle desperately with criminals they can’t contain and Super Heroes are mistrusted and feared for the damage they cause.

Mayor Harlan Mendyk faces an unpalatable decision- to pass legislation to register all those with powers or allow them to keep their secret identities and risk being hounded out of office. City Hall is splintered; Police Chief Simone Weaver thinks that the Supers can be used in the fight for Justice, DA Dylan Stone thinks they are vigilantes.

Axis City is a city divided.

The only person benefiting is corrupt business man Alexander Moretti. His influence spans every strata of Axis society and as the final debate nears he plans to be sitting on the top of the pile.

Axis City is Open and Accepting Applications

Yaoi RPers please! Jul. 12th, 2009 @ 03:23 pm
Hey, my name is Sawyer and I'm looking for someone to do long-term yaoi RPs with me covering many different settings with anything from fluffy G-rated stuff to the more dangerous NC-17. Hopefully we'll make up a really fun plot! I'm interested in quite a lot of stuff even though my introduction post in my journal may say other wise. Please check my journal for a roleplay sample and other information.

IM me at dancinghoneybird, thanks!

Jul. 1st, 2009 @ 12:31 am
I’m seeking someone that's into the Doctor Who fandom that can play either a Tenth Doctor or Ten.5 for a PSL. Hetish based on a AU version of series 2 or 4 of Doctor Who depending on where you wanna go with it. I'm always open to suggestions, plotting, etc. So, if this catches your fancy just comment below or PM.
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» Seeking out a writing partner.
Hullo, I’m seeking someone that's into the Doctor Who fandom that can play either a Tenth Doctor or Ten.5 for a PSL. Hetish based on a AU version of series 2 or 4 of Doctor Who depending on where you wanna go with it. I'm always open to suggestions, plotting, etc. So, if this catches your fancy just comment below or PM.
» Lonely Hearts- looking for a role play with...

Hi, my name's Cecilia, and I'm looking for roleplays to participate in! I pretty much want somewhere I can rp my own original characters. Ideally, I'm looking for a drama based role play, including perhaps high school/university/college life, city life, young people/teenage interaction. Maybe something like a role play based on Gossip Girl but using original characters. I saw something like this a while ago, with the premise of GG but original characters- unfortunately I lost track of it! That's a rough idea of what I'm looking for, but comment with anything you think I'd like! Please! Feed my habit, I'm addicted to role playing.

So thank you, danke, merci! :)
» (No Subject)
Currently seeking a David Tennant to play against in a celeb line. If interested just PM this journal or comment.
» Yuri Role-play interest
I'm looking for someone to RP one-on-one yuri with me. No, it doesn't have to be raunchy and plotless. In fact, I'd prefer it to be like the sweet, vanilla stories that many shoujo-ai/yuri manga titles are, with a possible steamy scene or two if the story calls for it. :) I like to make up original characters and story lines, but if you want to try a fandom (such as Marimite), I'd be up for that as well.

If you're interested, contact me, and we can discuss in more detail what we'd like to do. :)

AIM: Poemwritesyou
LJ: You can comment here or send me a private message

And as a side note, I also wouldn't mind trying out a group rp, on LJ or any other message board. If you know of a good yuri-centric one (not a huge fan of the mass-fandom role-plays), please comment and link me. :) Thanks!
» No Law

They wanted to control the population. Stop the uprisings, crush the rebellions and stop the other countries who were trying to take control of each other by any means necessary. Bombs were used without restraint, the land masses were grossly affected and shifted as time passed.
Germ warfare was introduced into the control regime, at first as a threat. The people took no notice, so They took action, deciding it was the only way left.

They had seriously underestimated the power of the dirty bomb which killed a high percentile of the population in less than a month. It spread rapidly across the world, until there was only a small number of people left to survive in an empty world.

It's now many years into the future, the world has changed. People have changed. Mutations occurred due to the viruses that spread and changed as time went on. There's a new Power that's taken control and rules with an iron fist. Rebellion is outlawed as the world moves from the Dark age to the Steam age, using whatever they can from the Old World to build new technology.

The Powers, as they're called, conduct experiments inside the walls of the Capital City. Trying to mix human and beast to create a superior being. Sadly, they've failed, and all their living failures are spread across the globe, living in settlements or small cities alongside with those who are the descendants of the humans who survived the germ warfare.

The Rebellion want no one to Govern this new world. They don't believe in one group ruling over everybody, especially not the way the Powers govern. They live across the globe, in cities, settlements and Rebellion camps, working together to find a way to overthrow the Powers and free the world from their tyranny.

Lastly, there are those who remain in the grey area, the Neutrals. They generally don't care who controls the world, as long as they can live their lives in peace. From time to time, a few Neutrals may side with either Faction, some find happiness there, but a great number don't feel at peace there and return to their Neutral standing.

Which side will you choose? Will you be one of the Powers who reside together in the White City of Aelton and live in luxury? Will you be one of those Neutral to the cause, and just follow along with what the Powers do? Or will you take a stand against the Powers and fight for your freedom and the freedom of the New World?

We are a brand new rp looking for active members who want to have fun in a world on the brink of Steam technology. Please note that things are still being added to the site, so there are a few parts of the forum that are still under construction, but we do already have active members playing and we're working hard on getting the board complete! We are not a pan-fandom rp, so original characters only please.


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