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It's better in here...

Screw reality...

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It seems that lots of people like to RP- but it's difficult to find a partner that fits your interests... Likewise, people get bored at times and want a new outlet. Well.. this is a place for that. A community where you can post and request any kind of Role Play that interests you. You can request a partner, a scenario... Anything like that- as long as it has to do with role playing.

The actual RPing must occur outside of the community- but this is a good place to find people (granted it's affectiveness all depends on the members XD).

Whether a beginner or a vetran- Original character, or fandom only- NC-17 or fluffy G- you can request it here.

Of course this means all members must be open minded- and if not, at least keep opinions to yourself. The only thing that will get a person banned here is harrassment or deragatory posts or behavior.

Thank you!!!

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